Product Selection Guide

The following product selection information is intended to help you identify the most appropriate stretch wrap options for your application. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team at or 1-203-931-7837.

Cast Stretch Wrap:

- Better clarity for product identification.

- Quiet unwind while using the film.

- Good puncture resistance.

Blown Stretch Wrap:

- Superior load holding strength.

- Better puncture and tear resistance.

- Excellent cling.

- Works at low temperatures.

Hand Held Stretch Wrap:

- Made for hand applications.

- Lighter rolls for easier handling.

- Typically 1,000' to 2,000' in length. Most popular length is 1,500'.

- Comes in a range of thicknesses.

- Higher thicknesses provide better puncture resistance and holding strength.

Machine Length Stretch Wrap:

- Made to use with stretch wrap machines for quicker and more efficient pallet wrapping.

- Most roll widths are 20" and larger to cover more area while wrapping.

- Comes in widths of 3,000' to 10,000'

- Stretches 200-250%.

Bundle Wrap:

- Smaller roll sizes for easier handling.

- Rolls are typically 2"-5" in width.

- Use to band, bundle and secure packages or loose objects quickly and easily.

- Ideal for wrapping pallets/objects for storage or short distance moving.

Extended Core Stretch Wrap:

- Features convenient built in extended core handles for use right out of the box.

- Lightweight and portable makes it ideal for travel or bringing to multiple locations.

- Comes in either hand held or bundle wrap sizes.

Pre-Stretched Wrap:

- Made of film that has already been stretched prior to being placed on rolls.

- Makes wrapping easier since less tension is needed while applying. Does not stretch while applying.

- Ideal for irregular loads.

- Less film is used during application which results in cost savings.

Down Gauge Stretch Wrap:

- Replaces thicker film for a lower cost per unit.

- Easy release and good cling.

- High performance with a quiet unwind.

Biodegradable Stretch Wrap

- Made of biodegradable clear cast film.

- Environmentally friendly.

- Suitable for food contact according to FDA & EU food contact regulations.

- Meets all current standards for biodegradability & non eco-toxicity.

- Similar performance to regular cast stretch wrap.

Colored Stretch Wrap

- Ideal for organizing outdoor storage and international shipments with color coding.

- Opaque/Dark colors conceal load contents.

- Tinted colors allow for color coding while also being able to identify load contents.

Arctic Stretch Wrap

- Good cling at low temperatures.

- Excellent stretchability (stretches 250-300%) in freezer applications.

- Tight load containment with high puncture resistance.

Anti-Static Stretch Wrap

- Made of cast film with a very light pink tint.

- Dispels static.

- Ideal for use when shipping or protecting static sensitive electronics and products.

- ASTM D527.

Vented Stretch Wrap

- Protects products from condensation, contamination and spoilage.

- Ideal for packaging plants and frozen foods.

Suitable for use in cold storage and freezing temperatures.

- Can have small, medium or large holes for venting.

Stretch Netting

- Provides ventilation to prevent condensation.

- Ideal for agriculture, wood, produce and other general packaging/shipping.

- Great for goods that need to cure and cool down.

- Suitable to use in cold or freezing temperatures.

UVI Stretch Wrap

- Protects items and products from UV damage during prolonged outdoor exposure.

- Standard protection lasts for 6 months.

- Has superior load holding strength and integrity.

VCI Stretch Wrap

- Made of corrosion inhibitor film for corrosion protection.

- Keeps metals clean and corrosion free.

- Ideal for bundling and palletizing metals like steel, aluminum, brass and others.

Laundry Wrap

- Made of crystal clear film for easy identification.

- Designed to cling to laundered material to keep out dust, dirt and moisture.

- Items wrapped in this film are able to be stacked without slipping and sliding. 

- Film is easy to remove from laundered material. 

- Perfect for hotels, hospitals and industrial industries.

- Temperature resistant.

Shrink Bags & Film

- Designed to provide a tight fitting protective cover after heat is applied.

- More holding power then stretch wrap.

- Shrink bags on rolls are ideal for covering and protecting full pallets.

- Shrink bundling film is ideal for packaging cases of water, soda, cleaning supplies and many other items.

Sheeting & Pallet Covers

- Ideal for covering and protecting pallets, large equipment and machinery from moisture, dirt and dust.

- Can also be used as a drop cloth or vapor barrier.

- Comes in many sizes and thicknesses for a variety of applications (both indoor and outdoor).